Friday, September 07, 2007

Mistborn, FF12, and Motorcycles

Well, for any of you that haven't read the Mistborn books, drop whatever you're doing, go get them, and read them. 

What are you doing here still? You're supposed to be getting Mistborn!

Well, I just read both of them ( the first one was a re-read so I could get back into the flow of the series ). Each book was started and finished in about a day and a half. Now I've got to wait for who-knows-how-long for the last book to come out! Arg!

Oh, and I've also finally gone back to playing Final Fantasy XII - it was remarkably easy to get back into the story despite being over 40 hours into the game when I set it aside for a few months. It's quite enjoyable, if a bit sadistic at times. ( Eric, I'm trying to finish it before I go back to school! )

In other news ( since my wife apparently leaked the story already! ), I've signed up for a motorcycle riding course. ( Yes family, I'll be careful! ) Everyone having their motorcycles has gotten me really excited about getting one! Megan and I actually went out to Santa Barbara MotorSports the other day to get some gloves, and I talked with a salesman there about different bikes. Unfortunately, I think my price range got moved up during that conversation... 

Anyways, off to work... piles of emails to deal with!

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  1. Hehe.. you called me your wife. WIERD!!!