Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ezra is sick


I was going to add a 120Gb hard drive ( actually, remove the 13Gb drive that's in there and replace it! ) I've had lying around in ezra, my home server. I wrote out a good plan ( since there was some important data on the old drive, and ezra has a relatively complicated partition system ), and shut down the machine, hooked up the drives in the intermediate configuration, hit the power switch and walked back to my laptop so I could ssh into the machine again. 

... and waited ... and waited ...

The machine didn't come up! I remembered I had heard a beep, so I hooked up a keyboard and monitor and rebooted the machine. Lo and behold, the system fan apparently wasn't working, so the machine refused to boot. 

I tried cleaning the fan, I even tried removing it an using a fan from my desktop, but I didn't have a fan capable of reporting to the motherboard that it was working, so ezra refuses to boot.

So unfortunately ezra ( and all related services - svn, http, ssh, etc ) are down until I have a chance to pick up a fan. If I'm lucky, that's tomorrow. If not... suck.

So, I need an older style 3 inch system fan with a power & reporting connection cord. Anyone have one?

Update: Got a replacement fan, but unfortunately the drive doesn't work... Lesson learned: no matter how good your plan, if you could be inconvenienced by a failure, it'll fail.

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