Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduate Studies at UCSB

As I mentioned in my last post, a week ago I took a big test that encompassed material from the time I've spent earning my graduate degree.

Today I was told that I passed.

Trumpets! Fireworks! Exclamations! After three long years of lectures and homework piled on top of everyday life I'll finally have some semblance of regular free time again! Thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement, and prayers.

(If you're considering working on a post-graduate degree while working full time... don't. Stop working, take out loans, whatever you need to do. Focus on the schoolwork if you're going to do it: you'll get more out of it, enjoy it more, and be done sooner.)

I've actually got about two weeks of "class" left in the quarter, which consists of:

  • One more meeting of my seminar (on Memorial Day)
    • Entails reading one more paper and a short analysis of that paper.
  • Two more meetings for my research project
    • Entails a laundry list of features to be implemented and fixes to be made.
After that, I'm done at UCSB.

My time at UCSB has encompassed a lot of changes in my life. Before being accepted to the graduate program, I was:
  • Unmarried.
  • Living with my college friends in the Jesmary house.
(I couldn't find a Jesmary house group picture... at least this was in the Jesmary house!)
  • Working at CallWave.
  • A Yuk Gup (6th degree student -- green belt) in Soo Bahk Do (the specific type of karate I practice).
  • A "Layreader-in-charge" for my local Anglican parish.
Since then, a lot has happened:

  • I married Megan.
  • We rented a condo in Goleta and bought a condo in Carpinteria.
  • I left CallWave, worked at Cogi for a year and a half, and now work at The Trade Desk.
  • I have advanced to Cho Dan (1st degree black belt) in Soo Bahk Do (at Jang's Karate).
  • I am an average parishioner in my church.
  • I taught a course at Westmont.
  • My sister got married and had a baby. 
I love this picture of Kylie and Melanie!

So now it's onto the next set of challenges. As far as I can foresee, that includes: 
  • Helping to make The Trade Desk massively successful.
  • Spending more time focusing on karate (possibly applying and testing to be a Jo Kyo and then Kyo Sa -- which are ranks of instructor certification).
  • Seriously considering getting LASIK surgery. (I am so tired of wearing glasses.)
Finally, I'll be spending lots of quality time with my wife, who has been so amazingly supportive of me through this experience. 

I love you Megan!


  1. <3 <3 <3

    I'm proud of you!!!

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